1. The meaning of logo and brand name: I-Care
– Using three gentle colors to create a comfortable and restful feeling.
– The “I”: represent of “love” in Japanese. Treat patients with affection and hospitality.
– “Care”: not only take care of patients during treatment time. We also care for
customers with the best carefulness and dedication after treatment. Examination and
cleaning is always maintained as the highest condition.

2. The reception
– Are designed by a famous Japanese flower arrangement artist. Using many trees and
leaves create a warm and cozy space.
– Children have a playground and enjoy themselves when they come to the dental
– Mothers can leave their children to staff to enjoy dental care and treatment peacefully.
– I-Care is friendly with both children and adults. This is a space where families can have
fun when they go to the dental clinic.

3. Examination room
– Is a completely private room. Customer’s privacy is protected. People cannot see each
other when opening their mouth, so you can feel comfort and have no concern about
teeth’s problems.
– In addition, most of the equipment is imported from Japan. We use most things which
are safe and gentle with human’s body.
– The dental unit (dental chair) is also made in Japan and designed to be comfortable
and relaxing.

4. X-ray room
– We use the most modern version of dental X-ray with CT. In Vietnam, X-ray facilities
are still limited. In particular, an X-ray that can take the whole tooth, dental CT can be
used to check jaw joints and large nerves, as well as blood vessels for implants.
– For the reason above, CT can provide safety, efficiency and treatment exactly.
– According to Vietnamese standards, our room has a completely protecting-wall that
does not leak out radioactivity.

5. Disinfection instruments room
– Is completely sterilized and individual wrapped.
– We maintain the European standard sterilization level. So that we can reliably sterilize
the shaving tools.
– We use disposable items which cannot be sterilized to ensure sterility.
– All staff in the clinic have high knowledge of disinfection and sterilization.

6. The importance of preventative dentistry
– I-care emphasizes preventative dentistry.
– People should have regular checkups every 3 months. This habit will improve how
your teeth remain after 5-10 years.
– During regular checkups, dentists check for cavities, brushing, cleaning and polishing
teeth also.