I-Care Dental Clinic, the second brand under the successful Ariga Dental Clinic chain from 2007, was established in Binh Duong in 2023. Building on the reputable foundation of Ariga Dental Clinic in Ho Chi Minh City, we have extended our high-quality dental services to the Binh Duong.

The meaning of logo and brand name: I-Care
– Using three gentle colours to create a comfortable and restful feeling.
– The “I”: represent of “love” in Japanese. Treat patients with affection and hospitality.
– “Care”: not only take care of patients during treatment time. We also care for
customers with the best carefulness and dedication after treatment. Examination and cleaning are always maintained as the highest condition.

Our Mission

To enhance the lives of people in Vietnam by offering high quality dental care.
To provide a comfortable and pleasing dental experience that puts even dental phobias at ease.

Why Choose Us?

1. Safe and Effective: Professional oral treatment methods are performed by experienced dentists from Japan combined with Vietnamese dentists, providing treatment results that protecting original teeth optimally and long-lasting. 

2. Diverse services: We provide comprehensive dental care services including dental check-ups, teeth adjustments, dental restorations, daily oral care, cleaning and whitening.

3. Comfortable space: We understand that dental care as well as personal health care always requires privacy and a comfortable space, come to I-Care to experience a relaxing, cozy and privacy room.

4. Multilingual consulting team: Consulting and support in many different languages, including: English, Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese. We always ensure that customers can clearly understand their dental condition, treatment methods, time and costs.

5. Direct Insurance Guarantee of: PRESTIGE, WELLBE, PACIFIC CROSS
To other kinds of Insurance: we are willing to provide supporting Medical Documents and Red Invoice for claiming guarantee.

6. Modern facilities: I-Care dental clinic meets the diverse and specialized diagnosis and treatment. With the Myray 5X Xray machine, examination, diagnosis and treatment are performed accurately, effectivelyand save time.

7. Instrument sterilization process class B: the highest level according to international standards. All tools and equipment are cleaned, sterilized and steamed according to a one-way process (Soaking, washing, waving, steaming, preserving with ultraviolet rays),

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The Development

You will discover an inspiring story about the journey of I-CARE DENTAL CLINIC. From its inception to the present day, we will share our history, values, and mission. Join us to delve deeper into the story behind our success.

Our Story

We are proud to introduce our partners and partner associations who play a crucial role in contributing to the success of I-CARE DENTAL CLINIC. These partners are instrumental in enhancing our services, ensuring the highest standards of dental care for our patients. Explore this section to learn more about the organizations and businesses we collaborate with to provide comprehensive and top-quality dental solutions.